December 19, 2018

Photo from the Road: Classic Agritourism Image from the White Oak Lavender Farm

This image of the White Oak Lavender Farm exemplifies what agritourism is all about. A giant hay bale behind a well-maintained fence with a pasture in the background is iconic in its own right. Factor in the lavender bushes in the foreground, and you have a scene that you simply canít resist.

This charming farm with its cuddly animals, lavender crafts and therapeutic aroma activities is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia and makes a great afternoon getaway for girlfriends after a leisurely morning at the historic Virginia Quilt Museum and lunch at the atmospheric Union Station Restaurant.

Photo Credit: This photograph and other pictures of the White Oak Lavender Farm were taken by the Trek Hound team and is available through a creative commons agreement with our sister site, Pictures of Travel Places.