November 29, 2015

General Budget Travel Advice

If you love traveling, but have a limited budget to work with, then here are a few top tips for how you can still make the most of your time away from home.

One option which appeals to many of those who are planning to travel on a long-term basis is to work abroad. This allows you to get an in-depth experience of the country in which you are staying, while also providing you with a means of income while you are there. This can be something which is well worth looking in to before you leave, as you may be required to apply for a work permit before you arrive.

You should also take time to compare the prices of the flights and accommodation in order to ensure that you are able to get the best possible deals. There are a number of websites which will compare prices for you, and can be easily accessed while you check your emails or play online Partypoker.  Try to either book a long time in advance, or be prepared to go at the very last minute.

If you’ve always flown business class or stayed in hotels, then you might want to consider taking a less expensive flight option, and investigating hostel or bed & breakfast accommodation. When planning what you want to do during your time away, keep an eye open for free events, such as local festivals, or galleries and museums.

Avoid eating in places which are specifically aimed at tourists, as the prices are likely to be much higher. Instead, looking out for places where the locals eat or, if you have the facilities, simply purchase ingredients and cook for yourself. Work out how much of your overall budget you can afford to spend each day that you are away, and make sure that you do not exceed this amount.