August 18, 2019

Are You a Road Warrior on a Money App Quest? Check out These Four Free Finds

With all of the time most people spend on the road these days, having a great money app or two in your smart phone repertoire is practically considered personal finance 101. New to the mobile banking and shopping playing field? Check out these four free resources and see if thereís a money app that works for you.

Check with your bank.

Many banks offer free money app support for their customers in the form of downloadable options for your smart phone. Itís another area of mobile banking for those who arenít always able to fire up their laptop. For example, the Wells Fargo mobile banking options include applications for Blackberries, Androids and iPhones that help you find nearby ATM machines, pay bills, transfer money and more.

Get the full picture at a glance.

Another free money app is called Pageonce. Available for such phones as the Blackberry, Android, iPhone and others, this program lets you check various account balances literally at a glance. Some of the items you can track include frequent flyer mile balances, due dates of various bills, mobile minutes and credit card balances. Savings and checking account balances are available as well. This money app is particularly well suited to busy moms, road warriors on a deadline for their expense report, personal assistants and rail commuters, to name just a few.

Keep track of your gift cards.

If your wallet is busting at the seams with gift cards, SWAGG is another no-cost money app to help keep plastic clutter under control. Youíre allowed to track the balances on various cards, swap them out for a retailer better suited to your shopping preferences and even combine balances. So if youíre looking for another great shopping app to add to your collection, this one might be just what the doctor ordered. (Additional resource: Best Gift Cards and Restaurants for Vegan Fast Food)

Donít miss out on loyalty discounts.

Loyalty card discounts can add up to huge savings, which is where My Card Star, another money app freebie, comes into play. It allows you to scan and store all of your program loyalty cards directly onto your smart phone, where they can be called to the screen for scanning by the cashier. If you have loyalty cards for places you also like to frequent on vacations, then you may want to add this to your list of helpful travel apps for family road trips.

If youíre a money app junkie, thereís certainly no shortage of options out there for you to explore and have fun with when it comes to maintaining your family budget. These four resource suggestions should help get newcomers started in the right direction, and veteran smart phone app fans something else to consider.

Photo Credit: iStock