August 22, 2019

Photo from the Road: Park Bench Chatting in Quito

This photo of three elder gentlemen visiting on a park bench was photographed in Quito, Ecuador shortly after a weekly changing of the guard ceremony.

This main plaza in the historical center of the country’s capital city is one of my favorites, along with the famous piazza in Pisa, near the leaning tower. The city has many historical streets and buildings worth exploring, including the national basilica and the oldest observatory in South America which is also located in Quito’s downtown area.

From Quito, there are a number of interesting day trips you can take to explore this region of Ecuador. For example, you can drive to explore the market and countryside of Otavalo and stop to see the equator, or check out the Saquisili market and stop to have lunch at the Hacienda la Cienega on your way back.

Photo Credit: This photo was taken by the Trek Hound team and is available along with other pictures of Quito through a creative commons agreement on our sister site, Pictures of Travel Places.