February 23, 2019

Photo from the Road: A Unique Stop on the Kennedy Space Center Tour

Recently, at a press event hosted by the Kennedy Space Center, our writers’ group was bussed around on an alternative route that most visitors to this astronomy-themed venue don’t take. It was part of their upgraded package visitors can purchase along with the “lunch with an astronaut” activity. Normally, when tourists only have one day to visit the space center, they take the typical route of stopping at the Saturn V exhibit hall followed by the space station mockup.

On this day however, we tooled around closer to the Vehicle Assembly Building and over towards a government section of the station with a bunker and what I believe is the most picturesque location for a Porta Potty I’ve ever seen. Sand dunes, blue skies, crashing surf and beach grass made for an unexpected backdrop and the quirky side of me took over. I snapped the photo.

Other fun stops on the tour included the IMAX movie on the Hubble Space Station, the new Star Trek exhibit and of course the Saturn V exhibit, which is always a highlight. While we didn’t have time to visit the Astronaut Hall of Fame on this trip, it is close by, and a must-see venue for those who are able to visit the area for multiple days.

Photo Credit: Trek Hound – Other pictures of the Kennedy Space Center are available for online publication through our sister photography project, Pictures of Travel Places.