May 22, 2019

Winning Ways to Experience Bangkok, Thailand

If youíre a frequent world traveler, youíll end up in Bangkok at some point or another. Itís a major regional hub in Asia, and a relatively affordable city. So take your time. Enjoy the sites, restock your travel supplies and grab a massage or two. From there you can decide which additional destinations in Thailand youíd like to explore. For now, here are a few tips for exploring Bangkok proper.

River Bus Ride

Similarly to Venice, Italy, Bangkok has a river bus system. Itís an extremely affordable way to get around various parts of the city, and a great way to get some unusual photos you canít shoot from the street. Itís also great for spotting various styles of boats, and riverside homes.

Temple Touring

There are a number of temples worth touring in Bangkok. Some of them historical, and others a bit more modern. That being said, anyone who likes photographing Buddha images and traditional Thai architecture can expect to be thoroughly entertained in this city.

Visiting the Thai National Museum

With an impressive collection of Thai artefacts and artwork, the Thai National Museum is worth a visit. Squeezed in between an affordable morning massage and an early dinner at the ever-popular restaurant Cabbages and Condoms, it makes for a pleasant way to spend a day.

Check Out the Grand Palace

Just like you wouldnít want to miss the main palace in Cambodia, the Grand Palace in Bangkok is a must-see attraction. Ornate Thai architecture and loaded with tradition, itís a gorgeous attraction and one of the main things to see in the city.


While there are numerous places in Bangkok to enjoy a little nightlife, the majority of independent travelers head to the backpacking havens of Khao San and Patpong Roads. Each location will provide you with the opportunity for budget to mid-range food, affordable Thai massages and a multitude of souvenir options.

Branch Out

Once youíre done vacationing in Bangkok, branch out to some of the other Thai destinations like Chiang Rai, Ayutthaya or Phuket. The city is also a major international hub from which to fly out to other countries in the area affordably.

Regardless of how long youíre in the city, Bangkok has enough to keep you entertained. †So get a massage, have a suit custom made, and tour some temples. There are plenty of restaurants to splurge on in the evenings, and plenty of hotels with swimming pools to relax by in the afternoon. As major cities go, itís not a bad place to regroup, and get some business accomplished at the same time.

Photo Credits: These pictures of Bangkok were photographed by the team at Trek Hound, and are available for use through a creative commons agreement through our sister site, Pictures of Travel Places.