June 21, 2018

Cheap and Fun Things to Do in Tel Aviv

If youíre looking for a break from the old-world feel and slower pace of some of the other towns throughout Israel, Tel Aviv is the place to head. Itís a modern, hip city that blends old with new. You can have a margarita, practice a little beach yoga and peruse an art museum. Thereís even a bit of Tel Aviv nightlife to explore. My top tips for cheap and fun things to do in Tel Aviv?

Hit the beach.

Tel Aviv has a fantastic beach. The sand is amazing, the breeze refreshing and the local crowd diverse. You can jog, have a picnic, surf or curl up with a good book. The beach in Tel Aviv is well suited to a number of activities, and is a refreshing break from the desert if youíve recently spent time exploring in the Negev. Itís accessible for free, and allows for a great deal of scheduling flexibility.

Take a daytrip to Old Jaffa.

Easily reachable on foot by strolling up the beach from Tel Aviv, Old Jaffa makes a pleasant daytrip for those looking to experience something different from the city. Its numerous scenic spots and several thousand years worth of history make it worth your tourist time to visit. Strolling the streets for photo ops is free, and numerous dining options are available for all budgets.

Check out the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

With a collection containing numerous important works from well-known artists, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art makes for an interesting diversion from the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv. And at less than $12 per adult ticket, itís also an affordable tourist activity.

Explore the Tel Aviv nightlife.

While there are some expensive nightclubs with high-priced cover charges, there are many bars that offer music and dancing in the evening for free. Search those out to save funds for other tours during your time in Israel. It doesnít really matter where you go to rock out, does it?

Visit the food market in the Yemenite quarter.

The Yemenite quarter has a fairly extensive local food market that is a great place to explore and shop for meal items and treats. We spent a large portion of an afternoon at this market taking photos, shopping for food, and chatting with the locals. Itís a great peek into the local culture.

There are many inexpensive and fun things to do in Tel Aviv. You just have to think outside of the packaged tour box. When youíre done exploring the city, there are many other destinations within Israel to visit, such as Haifa, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Lake Tiberius.

Photo Credits: These pictures of Tel Aviv were photographed by the people here at Trek Hound. However, they are available for online publication through a creative commons agreement on our sister site, Pictures of Travel Places.