September 17, 2019

Ramen Recipes for the Budget Traveler

If you’re trying to stay on the road for a long time, learning how to make nutritious cheap food is going to be critical to your extended travel budget. This means you’re going to have to develop a list of ramen recipes you trust.

And they’d better be easy, because chances are you’ll be lucky to have a hot plate and a tea kettle. Here’s a gathering of simple meal ideas using ramen, designed with the frugal traveler in mind.

Backpacker’s ramen with chicken and vegetables.

This recipe for backpacking poultry and vegetable ramen from Matt Fischer is made with canned chicken, ramen and vegetables that will stay fresh (enough) in your pack for a few days. If you have a flexible cutting board, multi-purpose tool and something to eat your food in, you’ll be all set.

More elaborate trail recipes for ramen are also possible.

These “trail chef” recipes from demonstrate a bit more flexibility and use additional dehydrated items creatively. They even demonstrate how possible it is to have dessert ramen in the wilderness. How cool is that?

Coffee maker ramen for the budget business traveler can be quite a flexible meal.

Basically, you’re preparing ramen in a coffee maker, but by putting broccoli pieces in the filter area and tossing in a little sauce and perhaps some pre-cooked shrimp you can actually have something pretty close to take-out food. This is particularly helpful if your hotel is in the middle of nowhere and all you have access to is the grocery store and the nearest fast-food drive through. Those travelers adhering to a plant-based diet can keep things on track by selecting vegan ramen flavors to combine with vegetables and a bit of peanut sauce.

Full-meal ramen ideas can be incorporated at a hostel.

If you are staying at an establishment with a full kitchen, try your hand at a beef and vegetable ramen stir fry dish, or something equally well-rounded and nutritious. There are many different stir fry combinations you can try. The point is to take advantage of the stove and preparation tools to prepare an affordable meal on the fly. After all, you’re trying to save more money for travel activities and attractions, right?

When it comes to affordable meal ideas you can tuck into your luggage, ramen is certainly more affordable than those expensive pre-made trail meals. So branch out and get creative. Ramen isn’t just for work-at-home lunches. It’s a great resource for adventure, business and long-term travelers as well.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey W.