September 22, 2019

Save 35% Today Only on Monogrammed Hanging Toiletry Bag for Travelers

For today only, Iíve received a special discount code for the hanging toiletry bags at A Gift Personalized. Youíll save 35% off the regular price, and the monogramming service is free. Read on.

This hanging toiletry bag for travelers and day-trippers comes in black. You just need to pick your initial and thread color. Itís perfect for business travelers, first-year college students and high school students with busy late-night sport schedules. You wonít find this discount code offered anywhere else, as it is a private offer for Trek Hound readers.

The Code:


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Save 35% off this jet setter hanging bag today only with code Trekhound35

Whether you need a back to school or birthday gift now, or are looking to shop ahead for the holidays, this is a good price on an item many travelers prefer to have in their collection. Having a toiletry storage system that hangs from a bar ensures your belongings wonít be dragging in the hotel sink or falling into the shower overflow at the dorm.

Photo Credit: A Gift Personalized

Disclosure: I have an affiliated relationship with A Gift Personalized. While they did not pay any monies for this article to be posted, they will provide me with a commission for any items sold as a result of this sale promotion to our readers. That being said . . . this is a great deal and a great gift for any traveler or busy student. Your call.