September 22, 2019

Hotel Review: France-Amazonia in Misahualli

On our journey to El Oriente in Ecuador, we stayed in small, developing town known as Misahualli. While the selection of places to rest your head was somewhat slim, we did manage to secure lodging at a small eco lodge called France-Amazonia.

As eco lodges go, France-Amazonia can hardly be called a luxury resort. That being said, it is a clean, quaint and secure guest house with a reasonable amount of charm. They have a locked parking area for your vehicle, private bathrooms in each room, a bar, pool, thatched hammock area with bonfire access, private path to the river for canoe access and a fresh breakfast served each morning.

Apparently, they used to also make food to order for lunch and dinner as well, but when we were there the venue had new owners and this wasnít on their list of services. They did however, order food for us from downtown so we could enjoy dinner on site for a fee and still have access to the bar without having to drive.

The other convenient thing about this location is that if you are booking one of several available river tours, you can use the private trail ( more than a little slippery) to access the river and your tour operator will pick you up right there at the hotel. Itís nice not to have to walk far back to your room at the end of the day, as opposed to still needing to arrange transport from the waterfront area of Misahualli.

We enjoyed our rooms, the pool and the bonfire area with bar access and would stay here again. The service is somewhat casual, as the owners live on site and you need to flag them down with a bell near their living area should a need arise. Not all rooms are first floor, so if climbing up the stairs with your luggage is an issue, be sure to book a ground room. We paid less than $50 for ours, which was upstairs and adjoined to the room of our other traveling companions with a private balcony and lockable common door.

Photo Credit: Trek Hound – Other pictures from Ecuador’s El Oriente are available are available through a creative commons agreement on our sister site, Pictures of Travel Places.