August 24, 2019

Book a Penthouse and Other Cheap Things to Do in Daytona Beach

Looking for things to do in Daytona Beach while youíre there on vacation? Between bike week, spring break and auto racing, itís easy to forget that at its core, Daytona is a home town to a fair number of people. That means there are numerous affordable activities available to the people that live there. And guess what? As tourists, those same entertainment options are at your disposal as well. Here is a list of fun and cheap things to do in Daytona Beach.

Book a penthouse:

While penthouse suites might be out of financial reach at most hotels, itís more than affordable at the Daytona Beach Oceanside Inn. And I had a chance to check theirs out recently during a breakfast gathering for Florida bloggers. With rates starting at two hundred dollars per night, you get wrap-around corner views with floor-to-ceiling windows, full kitchen with living area, two bedrooms (one with two queen beds), and two full bathrooms. Thatís roughly what youíd pay for two adjoining rooms for a family of 4-6 at a regular hotel that isnít even on the beach. Plus you get to cook your own money-saving meals and dine with a million dollar view. Split between two couples, itís an even better value.

Free chocolate factory tours:

The chocolate company of Angell and Phelps makes custom and gourmet chocolates for the people of Daytona Beach, and those who order them from around the country. Theyíll let you tour the chocolate factory for free, which is a great way to spend a rainy day. I had a chance to try out their sunshine-mold chocolate pops at a recent press event. Pretty tasty.

Hit the beach:

Itís a beach town, remember? Hanging out on the beach is free. So pack a picnic, hop on your bike or simply stroll on down to sunbathe. During certain times of the day, itís OK to drive vehicles on the beach. Which makes for great sightseeing and photo ops of things like antique cars, mean motorcycles and jazzy Jeeps.

Community coupon booklet:

If youíre looking to save money on any number of things to do in Daytona Beach, then youíll definitely want to check out the Sun Saver coupon booklet available from the Daytona Beach Area Convention and Visitorís Bureau. You can even call them ahead of time to have one mailed to you before you arrive there on vacation. †Use it to save money on everything from meals and eco tours to sessions on go-carts.

Hop a trolley:

If youíd like to skip the stress of driving to see Daytonaís downtown sites from your haven on the beach, check out the townís trolley service. It costs less than two bucks, and is a fun way to maneuver about town. Bonus? Kids dig Ďem.

The photography museum:

The Southeast Museum of Photography offers free admission and a dayís worth of entertainment to photo fans visiting the area. Itís the largest photography museum in the Southeast, and one of only thirteen such facilities in the country. Personally, Iím a museum fan from way back. But even if historic paintings and sculptures arenít your thing, youíre likely to enjoy a break from the sun while strolling through exhibits of this more modern art form.

Free Concerts at the Bandshell:

Who doesnít love free entertainment? Outdoor concerts are a great way to celebrate the fact youíre somewhere warm, and music just makes everything fun. Throw in a beach and you have an unstoppable recipe for a good time. On a variety of Saturday evenings throughout the year, free concerts are held at the Daytona Bandshell. And many of them come with free fireworks afterward next to the pier. Check their site for scheduled events and head on over for a fantastic free date or evening of family fun.

Add to your historical marker collection:

If adding to your list of visited historical sites happens to be a favorite pastime of yours, then there are several in the area youíll want to check out, including the townís historic post office and the nearby Ponce de Leon Inlet Light Station. Register your finds on the Historic Marker Database web site for fun. If you happen to be interested in African-American history, there are several area attractions to check out as well (the area visitor bureau can hook you up with a brochure), including a Florida state historical marker for the original Freemanville Settlement in the Port Orange area just out of town.

There are many things to do in Daytona Beach that wonít cost you tons of cash. For more entertainment ideas when youíre visiting the area, check out this activities in Daytona article from the folks at Places Around Florida.

Tip: If you happen to be traveling on the other side of the state, the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa is definitely worth checking out, along with Fort DeSoto Park and the Dali Museum.

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  1. Buffy says:

    I personally like to walk the boardwalk. There’s always something cool to see and it’s a good way to get outdoors and enjoy yourself. There are a lot of little shops and arcades along the boardwalk that are sure to keep your attention.

    Plus, you can get a bite to eat and just people watch while you enjoy your food. Daytona Beach always has some interesting charcters to watch.