August 18, 2019

Restaurant Review: G’Vanni’s Ristorante of Boston

A trip to Boston, for me, necessarily includes a trip to the North End. It’s a flashback both to my childhood and my college years in Cleveland, Ohio. Listening to the residents interacting, walking through the close streets, smelling the amazing aromas that abound in the North End all bring me back to very  happy memories.

When my sister Regina and I took a recent trip to Boston to celebrate her birthday, the plans naturally included the North End. Dinner was our mission. There are so many excellent eateries in the North End that Regina did a little research before we went to pick one. Based on menu and reviews, she chose G’Vanni’s Ristorante.

It was a snowy day in Boston the day we visited G’Vanni’s. We’d made a reservation on line, but few people were on the streets and no one else was in G’Vanni’s but us. G’Vanni’s is an intimate restaurant. No more than 50 seats, I would say. Since only two of those 50 were occupied (by us), we had the full attention of the host and the waitress. It was wonderful.

The ambiance is low light and very Mediterranean with reds and blacks dominating. Italian music plays softly in the background. The menu includes all my favorites – Ossobucco, ravioli, scampi, pollo marsala… I could go on. G’Vanni’s menu also includes an irresistable special — the Veally Good Deal. For $29.99, two diners can get entrees and share a bottle of wine. The deal options were such that we’d've been foolish to go any other way!

An additional plus for both of us — we both keep an eye on gluten intake — was the option for fresh gluten free pasta. We both ordered shrimp fra diavolo and opted for the gluten free pasta. It was delicious! If I hadn’t known it was gluten free, I wouldn’t have.

Basically, two very satisfied diners left G’Vanni’s an hour later on that snowy Tuesday evening. I have no reservation in recommending G’Vanni’s.

Photo credit: Randy Son of Robert