June 21, 2018

Photo from the Road: African Mask Number Two

African Mask 2

This carved zebra mask caught my eye one day on a family outing. It happened to be at the entrance to the safari exhibit at the Lowry Park Zoo, but that’s not what made me pause.

We’d been to that particular zoo exhibit before, so the mask and the display where it was featured were not new to me. What struck me was how flexible the safari theme was with respect to home and commercial use. The rustic tribal elements would work as well in a children’s room as they would in a restaurant.

But to keep things focused on travel, how about using this type of look to jazz up a hostel or bed and breakfast? One of the things that turns many travelers off from budget accommodations is the lack of atmosphere or anything that makes them feel like they are on vacation. A few simple items like this picked up at the local market can not only help support the local economy, but add pizzazz to your business as well. What places have you stayed that went the extra mile for atmosphere on a budget?

Photo Credit: Trek Hound