September 22, 2019

Restaurant Review – Manuel’s Phoenix


It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Phoenix. When it comes to food, first thoughts lean toward Tex-Mex or Mexican. Decisions are not easy.  However, having a local help with the picking makes all the difference. My first meal in Phoenix was at Manuel’s on Cave Creek.

Manuel’s is a mid-priced restaurant, has 7 locations in and around Phoenix, and was voted the Best Neighborhood Restaurant in’s 2009 Reader’s Choice.

I was quite hungry having traveled all day. Chips and a very tasty fresh salsa were delivered immediately. Manuel’s doesn’t skimp on the salsa. They keep it coming for chips AND for the meal. For dinner, I enjoyed a Rolled Quesadilla with extremely flavorful beef.  The portion was generous and included sour cream and guacamole. I enjoyed this quesadilla both at dinner and the following day at lunch.

If you’re in Phoenix, know you want local flavor and can’t decide on a restaurant, I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed if you dine at Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina.

Photo credit: naotakem


  1. Manuel's says:

    Thank you for your review! ~ The Manuel’s Family

  2. Sabrina Fobes says:

    You’re welcome. Thank you for a great dining experience!