June 21, 2018

Evans Notch/Pinkham Notch Cruise


When I’m out for a ride, sometimes I like to go to a destination and return the same route. Sometimes I like to ride a loop.  From where I live, my favorite loop (which happens to go through the White Mountains) is through Evans Notch to Gorham, New Hampshire, and back through Pinkham Notch to Conway, New Hampshire.

Evans Notch is easy to find. Just follow Rt. 113 N.  Rt. 113 N crosses back and forth across the Maine and New Hampshire state lines travelling through Evans Notch; the road stops at Rt. 2 in Gilead, NH.  Turn left and follow Rt. 2 into Gorham, New Hampshire.  Turn South on Rt. 16 and travel ’til the road intersects with Rt. 302. Turn left again and you’ll land in Conway village.

The ride is through the White Mountain National Forest. There are breathtaking views, picnic areas, and hiking trails. The road through Evans Notch is a narrow two lanes and is a favorite for motorcycles.  It is closed in winter. The road through Pinkham Notch is more of highway. There is more traffic and it is year round. Stop at the Pinkham Notch visitor’s center, learn a little something about the Notch, hike a bit of the Appalachian trail. This loop is a personal favorite of mine, and I highly recommend it. It’s a great way to get a taste of the White Mountains.

Photo credit: Image Masters