July 24, 2019

Save Money at Cedar Point


I grew up in Ohio, which has a surprising number of summer amusements. My favorite, of course, was and is Cedar Point, home to some of the finest roller coasters in the world!

As with most amusements, proximity is the best solution to money saving.  There are options available that include or exclude parking, for seniors/juniors, for unlimited or limited visits. The Platinum pass for ‘local’ visitors is an amazing option for families and includes attractions in 6 states and 1 province!

For not-so-local visitors, though, there are also on-line admission deals and discounts available  on Cedar Point’s website, available ONLY on-line and not at the gate. Many are time sensitive, so if you know Cedar Point is on your summer list, act now! One particularly cool offer is a combined Cedar Point/Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame ticket for $54 per person (over 4′ tall)!  That’s a savings of $13 at least for the two attractions.

Photo credit: ewige