August 22, 2019

New Hampshire Highland Games at Loon Mt.


There are several Highland Games in Northern New England. The games at Loon Mountain are a personal favorite. These are known as the most diverse games in the country! First, Loon Mountain and surrounding area is a beautiful area.  Getting there is big fun.  Coming from Maine or the Mt. Washington Valley, the ride must include a trip across the Kancamagus Highway, an adventure in itself.

The event itself includes a gathering of over 60 clans and societies, a Scottish Fiddle championship and other instrument competitions, sheepdog trials, and food, to name just a few attractions.  The main drawing factor for many people, though is the heavy athletics. Athletes come from all over the world to participate in the NH Highland Games.

If you’ve never been to a Highland Games, you really need to go to this one.

Photo credit: bgeissle