August 23, 2019

Mt. Washington Auto Road


Hiking Mt. Washington is a popular thing to do for outdoor enthusiasts visiting the Mt. Washington Valley. Getting to that summit is an attainable goal and the view from the summit is an apt reward. If, however, you happen not to want to execute that climb to get those views, there is an alternative.

The Mt. Washington Auto Road near the  Pinkham Notch Visitor’s Center on Rt. 16 is a thrilling way to go.  You, your family and your vehicle can make this climb yourselves at your own rate and attain the summit and its rewards, including a ‘This car climbed Mt. Washington’ bumper sticker!

The weather on Mt. Washington is the most unpredictable in the world. No two trips to the summit are the same. The option to drive yourself isn’t available when the snow flies, but if you’re in the area in temperate weather, consider the drive. It’s amazing, memorable, and the story will be worthy of the retelling.

Photo credit: zappowbang