August 22, 2019

Working Overseas, Getting Ready to Go

Making a life changing career move takes guts; it also takes a willingness to plunge off the cliff of the unknown. There are many that will discourage you, yet if you’re certain it’s the right choice nothing will hold you back. You’ll stand firm, unswayed by disbelief, criticism or the fears of those around you.


Tumon Beach, Guam

Tumon Beach, Guam



It Takes Guts

I made this transition and you can too. I did it long before there were travel websites talking about it and before living overseas was the rage. I knew I was going before it happened. I’d done my homework, researched jobs, downsized my belongings and given up my apartment to rent a room in a friend’s daughter’s home. I knew in my heart my next home would be overseas. Within three months I had an interview in San Diego for a teaching position on the island of Guam. Within a week they offered me a job teaching fifth grade, I accepted immediately. I gave notice at my job, flew to the Midwest to visit my family and within a month I was living overseas, on the island of Guam.

My parents were cautiously supportive. They knew I was a free spirit and that I wanted to live overseas. I’d been talking about it since the sixth grade when I saw a slide show of Germany.  My mom was the most open to my overseas life, but even she had concerns. I spent three years on Guam and fell in love with the tropics. Guam was a new cultural experience and was a turning point in my life. Taking that teaching job sight unseen and moving half way around the world gave me a deep seated confidence and enthusiasm to continue my journey of working and living overseas.

Tumon Beach By: JetAlone