August 23, 2019

Book Review: Travel Yoga


This instruction manual for travel yoga by Darrin Zeer, covers poses you can perform casually in the airport as well as tips for every portion of the trip, including layovers, at the luggage carousel, standing in line for the security check, on the plane, etc.† Some of top tips from the book?

  • When stressed, stop. Take a deep breath . It doesnít matter where you are, according to Zeer. Crowded street, bus station, middle of the airport or even a taxi cab. All are appropriate locations to get a grip.
  • Make peace of mind your highest priority throughout your trip.
  • The back-stretching cat pose. This oneís great for the hotel at the end of the day. Just get on your hands and knees, and slowly arch your spine up and down. This will get out the kinks from a long day of sitting on a train or plane.

Slightly larger than a pocket-sized book, this hard cover title is small enough to pack conveniently if you are on a short trip, but Iím not sure I would lug it on a long-term excursion when space is an issue. Available through Amazon.

Photo Credit: Chronicle Books