August 18, 2019

Photo from the Road: Antique Truck in Ecuador

Antique Truck in Ecuador

This truck was a study in nostalgia itself.† Seen on a trip to †the equator in Ecuador, I couldnít resist stopping to take the picture.

There wasnít anything else around the truck. It was just pulled to the side of the road. In my mind, thatís why it made for a great travel photo. Thereís nothing else in the way to demonstrate just what decade this photograph was taken. While it was technically taken in 2009, it could have been taken any time since the production of that vehicle. And we didnít even have to go to an antique car show to get the shot!

We took this route out of Quito in order to spend the day at the Otavalo market and have lunch at Hacienda Pinsaqui. It’s a pleasant loop, for anyone planning on traveling to Ecuador.

Photo Credit: Trek Hound – More of our Ecuador pictures, including images of the Otavalo area,††are available online through a creative commons agreement.