June 21, 2018

Boston Museum of Science


Of all the science museums I’ve visited, I’m most familiar with the Boston Museum of Science. Relatively speaking, it’s right next door to me.  When I visit, I plan to be there for the day, and I’m never bored. This is not an inexpensive day, but it is riveting.

My favorite things include the Butterfly Garden (additional fee),  the Rube Goldberg machine, the static electricity demo, any of the interactive exhibits, the 3D cinemas (SO different from the red/blue glasses 3D of my childhood), and anything that teaches me something I didn’t previously know.   That covers pretty much the whole museum.

The best way to take in the MOS is with a membership.  The biggest benefit to an MOS membership is that benefits are not limited to the MOS. Membership includes the Association of Science and Technology Center (ASTC) Passport Program, which includes 250 science and tech venues worldwide. Six in Massachusetts; eleven in New England. There are some limitations, but generally speaking, what a slamming deal this is for families and/or science buffs!

Photo credit: John E. Lester