August 23, 2019

Product Review: City Walks with Kids – London


Written by Emily Laurence Baker, this activity deck is designed with families in mind.

Expecting a book, I was surprised to find this title is actually a box of activity cards. Each one has a pictorial map on the back, and a written description of that site’s activities on the front.  My take? This is one of those products you pick up to let the kids have something to interact with and build the excitement for your various day trips.

You’ll definitely want to use your city map and guide book as your main tools. That being said, the kids will likely enjoy using them, so if you have the extra gear space they’ll make a nice addition to your list of trip tools. These activity decks are available for numerous international cities, so if your family travels frequently they might also be a fun tradition to start.  The London edition of City Walks with Kids is available on Amazon.

Photo Credit: Chronicle Books

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