September 22, 2019

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Three Cups of Tea

Three Cups of Tea


Discovering what we love, pursuing what we love and creating an opportunity to do what we feel is our life’s work is a gift. For many these discoveries take time and evolve through opportunities, hobbies, travel and every day life experiences. Sometimes it’s a chance meeting, a conversation with a friend or a significant life event that propels us to change our direction, widen our horizon and open a door to our life’s work.

Recently I received “Three Cups of Tea“written by Greg Mortenson. I’d seen the book in bookstores, but never read it. This book is deeply inspiring, attitude changing and just a beautiful example of how following our beliefs and our life’s work can change not only our lives for the better, but the lives of many people around us.  Greg Mortenson’s desire to climb K-2 took him to Pakistan, but it was his experiences in a small village in Pakistan that changed the direction of his life.

Three Cups of Tea should be required reading. It’s one mans journey to transform our world and our attitudes by building schools in remote villages in Pakistan and Afghanistan where girls are rarely educated. It’s Mortenson’s belief that if we educate women we can change the world. Women stay in the villages and teach others the knowledge they’ve learned. They share it with their children and their friends, thus creating a chain reaction of education and positive change within the villages. It is Mortensons’s belief that we will have more success ridding the world of terrorism through educating women and children than we could ever have through war. He has now built over 50 schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan and his life’s work continues with great support and appreciation. It all began with one dream and one man’s simple income. He was a nurse, who sometimes lived out of his car to save money so that he could go back to Pakistan and build the school he had promised to the village of Korphe after his injuries and failed attempt climb K-2. This book will inspire you and touch you. For anyone with a dream or a vision of creating their life’s work, this book is a beautiful beginning. For more information on Greg Mortenson, view his blog.

Greg Mortenson’s new book Stones into Schools was released last month by Penguin Books. Order a copy of Stones into Schools.

Special thanks to my friend Elizabeth for sharing Three Cups of Tea, with me.