August 23, 2019

Scribner’s Mill Back to the Past Celebration


This annual event is the major fundraiser for the Scribner’s Mill Preservation group.  They pull out all the stops and it is a great historical event.  The Back to the Past celebration is always the first weekend in August.  The efforts of dozens of volunteers and exhibitors help make this a great experience for the whole family.

There are people demonstrating and selling hand crafted items — e.g., spinners and knitters, a tatter, weavers, and a beader. There is a pig roast. There is music. There are diversions for children. There are antique vehicles like a fire truck that periodically shows how water was taken from the nearby stream to put out a fire. There is the mill itself, an amazing feat of restoration. There is a working blacksmith’s shop. There is the house, which is itself being put back to how it looked in it’s hey day.

It is a marvelous way to spend a day. It helps with the mill restoration and is a great step into Maine history.

Photo credit: Sharife