August 18, 2019

Yarmouth Clam Festival


It’s July in Maine and time for the annual Yarmouth Clam Festival, an event which involves about 3000 volunteers united to earn funds for Yarmouth’s non-profit organizations, school groups, and churches.  This event begins at 6 p.m. on Friday with a parade which is as much fun for spectators as it is for parade participants. Following is three days of wonderful entertainment for the whole family.

Stuff you’ll find at the festival are a broad listing of competitions and events, an impressive craft and art show, and of course, lots and lots of good food, featuring clams — steamed clams, fried clams, clam cakes — lots and lots of clams. If you happen to be in Maine this weekend, check out the Clam Festival website for a listing of events and other information, including directions and parking suggestions.

As a side note, from personal experience, I can tell you to keep an eye out for any of the many yard sales in Yarmouth that are sure to be under way this weekend.  As these are generally found on the way to or from the Festival doings, they help make the whole experience interesting.

Photo credit: KitAy