June 18, 2018

Overseas Adult Volunteer Vacations

As I’ve begun to research volunteer vacations and volunteer projects around the world I’ve learned of some excellent programs.

Pueblo Ingles comes recommended by a writing colleague who previously attended. It’s a volunteer program for English speaking professionals and or academics to speak conversational English with Spanish speaking professionals in Spain. This program has eight locations in Spain and has extended to a new location in Umbria, Italy. The Italian location and one location in Spain are recommended for return volunteers who have previous experience with the program. The costs for this program are minimal, with participants paying for airfare and one night of accomodations before the program begins.

All accomodations and meals are provided during the program. Participants can volunteer for one or two week stays and you may apply online.  There are daily one on one sessions, group activities and phone conversations as part of the program. The program has now added sessions for individual professions including Doctors, Teachers and Actors. For information on teen programs see my post on The Lesson Machine.

GVI is partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute as well as many other wonderful partner sponsors. Volunteers have an opportunity to travel to desinations such as Costa Rica, Guatemala,  the Seychelles and Greece. GVI also offers student internships from two weeks to one year. Another option available through GVI is a Family Volunteering Trip.


Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain


Another wonderful option is Amigo’s. The Amigo’s non profit organization has been serving Latin American countries for 43 years, and prides itself on providing leaderships and community service opportunities for young adults aged 16-25, here you can learn more about the Amigo’s Organization. Volunteers can assist with projects in Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico or many other locations.

There are so many other quality volunteer programs and projects both within the US and abroad. I will follow up with another post in this series on volunteering abroad.

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Photo Credit Ronan Crowley Flickr Creative Commons