September 22, 2019

Car Shows in Maine: Inexpensive Family Summer Fun

2010 CruisinÕ Show and Shine Morro Bay Car Show, Friday 30 April

I like car shows.  Always have. It’s just really big fun to me to go and see old cars, new cars, foreign cars, stock cars, custom cars. It’s fun to talk with owners. It’s just fun.

In Maine, there are several such shows throughout the summer. Some are based on a specific theme (e.g., antique) or can be completely free form.  As far as family entertainment is concerned, all are very affordable — most often, $5 or less for adults; $3 or less for kids under 12.  I found one site that helps with looking for car shows in Maine and includes a description of the show, location of the show, and cost of the show.   It depends on car show organizers to keep current, but a visit here will give you an idea what’s going on car show-wise while you’re in Maine.

Consider it at least once.  It’s really a nice way to spend all or part of a day.

Photo Credit: mikebaird


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