June 21, 2018

Arizona Science Center


I personally love, love, love museums of science. The hands-on approach, designed primarily to entice children, is a big draw for me as well!  I always learn something. I’m always in awe of something. I’m always stumped by something. There is no way a visitor can be bored.

The Arizona Science Center in Phoenix is one such venue.  It is a marvelous way to spend a day. Admission for one day is very affordable.  For a knock-out deal for multiple visits, though, consider a membership.  For a family of four, annual membership is $80.  Two visits and your membership is paid for.  One of the basic benefits of membership is really the biggest benefit, in my opinion. Any membership gets you admission not only to the Arizona Science Center, but, with the included ASTC Passport Program, to a total of 250 science and technology centers (give or take) worldwide!  Five of those are in Arizona. To me, that is an amazing perk.  I could make a vacation around that.

Photo credit: Simax