September 22, 2019

Texas Roadhouse


As a rule, I don’t tout chain restaurants.  There’s too much room for inconsistency from store to store.  I believe I’ve found an exception.  I recently had the opportunity to dine at Texas Roadhouse in two different states.   The quality was consistent.  It was fun…unlimited peanuts in the shell and an invite to drop those shells to the floor (warning to those with peanut allergies).  The food was fresh and delish — I had pulled pork once and a remarkably tender and perfectly prepared sirloin on the other occasion.   The service was great — friendly, attentive wait staff, and a quality check at the end of the meal.

Above and beyond  the dining amenities, a notable plus for the budget wise is the list of 10 meals offered for 7.99 during the week for early diners. Hours vary by location.

All-in-all Texas Roadhouse is an enjoyable dining experience.  I have no complaints and look forward to my next visit, no matter where I may be.

Photo credit: BKM_BR