August 24, 2019

Camels Who Spit and Other Travel Adventures in Turkey

While living in Europe I had the opportunity to visit Turkey; a gorgeous country filled with historic ruins and beautiful countryside. It’s a country I quickly grew to love despite some hilarious moments. One incident stands out in my mind as highly memorable with a camel outside Ephesus. Having never experienced a camel up close I wanted a photo of the camel with his owner. After asking if I could take a photo the man was generous enough to allow me to take their photo. He motioned for me to come forward and hold the reins while he took my photo. I thought it was a wonderful opportunity and stepped forward to take the reins  from his hand.

When the camel realized his owner wasn’t holding the reins he went from  docile to hellion, looking over his shoulder baring his teeth at me menacingly. It was at that moment my companion said, “Be careful, Camels spit.”  Are you serious?” I thought stepping back gingerly. So photo with the camel and I is hilarious with me backing away looking startled at his sudden change of demeanor.


An Antique Rug

An Antique Rug


On another day I decided to purchase a Turkish rug. There are so many beautiful rugs that making a selection is challenging. We spent quite a lot of time looking at the rugs, and eventually I chose a red patterned rug about 3ft by 5ft. The store owner quoted a price in euros which was in the millions in Turkish Lira. My companion offered to pay for the rug but we were a new couple and I didn’t want to expect that so I said I’d get cash at the ATM. I got the cash and paid for the rug in Turkish Lira, converting the price in my head from Euros to Lira. The next day while we were driving it dawned on me that I’d paid double for the rug, by converting the Euros into dollars to make it easier to figure out the conversion to millions of Lira. Of course the shop owner hadn’t said a word when I paid nearly double for my handmade  Turkish rug. Lesson learned, if a man you’re dating offers to give you money for a purchase in a foreign country, take it gratefully. My beautiful, expensive, Turkish rug remains a laughing reminder that we all make stupid mistakes in our travels.

Photo Credit Grillo Rugs