September 17, 2019

Photo from the Road: Vintage Lima


It was a cloudy day in Lima, Peru as we strolled the downtown area with a mission to tour the main cathedral.† As we stood on the side street, I was struck by how the run down appearance of the buildings and general area made me feel transported back in time.

With the gray sky taking away my options for a colorful photo anyway, I switched the camera to black and white and started snapping. This photo was one of the many that resulted. Itís simplicity and starkness make me feel like I was able to snap an image through time. Black and white has the power to transform travel photos that would otherwise be lackluster if kept in color.

Do you have a favorite black and white image youíve posted online? Or one from a tour of Peru? If so, feel free to post your link in the comment section below.

Photo Credit: This and other pictures of Lima, Peru were photographed by the team here at Trek Hound, and made available through an online creative commons agreement with our sister site, Pictures of Travel Places.