May 27, 2018

10 Great Drives Everyone Can Enjoy


Sometimes you want to hit the open road and go for one of those great drives you’ll remember for years to come. Here are ten great drives for travelers.

The Northern Maine Solar System

In Aroostook County, Maine is a scale model of our solar system families can drive, stopping at each planet for a photo opportunity and information check. For families and space enthusiasts, this unusual driving route is worth including if you are in the area. Include a picnic stop in Houlton, halfway through the route.

The Kancamagus Highway

Located in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, this favorite driving route of local residents is a great draw for first-time visitors as well. You’ll find gorgeous waterfalls, hikes, restaurants and gorgeous scenery in general.

Southern Arizona Wine and Art Loop

From Tucson, head south on highway nineteen. Stop to enjoy a morning of art gallery strolling in Tubac,  and head south until just before the border. Drive east on route eighty-two towards Patagonia, Elgin and Sonoita. Follow signs to check out the various wineries along the way. Make your way back to interstate highway number ten to complete the loop back to Tucson.

Saguaro National Park

Also in the Tucson area, Saguaro National Park has a great driving route in addition to the hiking trails. Stop at the various outlooks for fantastic saguaro photos and let the kids romp a bit.

Italy’s Lake Garda

Having lived on Lake Garda, I can attest to just how gorgeous it is.  With several sights to see on the drive around including San Marino Tower, the castle and islet of Sirmione, and the interior of a fabulous waterfall on the north tip. (Driving to nearby Bolzano, Italy is also well worth your time.)


The tiny European nation of Lichtenstein has much to offer. Check out the royal vineyards for a wine tasting, photograph the castle at moonrise or drive to one of the small hotels at the top of the mountains and enjoy a view of the entire country from your balcony.


Germany’s Romantic Road

Marketed mainly to couples, families with children will still have fun on the Romantic Road touring the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, and enjoying local food.

The Maine Coast

Few drives are more scenic than the Maine coast. Start from the south and head north, stopping for a shopping trip in Freeport, a peek at the windjammers in Boothbay Harbor and continuing north to Acadia National Park.

The Adirondack Mountains

Picturesque with several sights and towns to stop at along the way. The lakes along the smaller roads in the Adirondacks are gorgeous as well, making this a nice diversion from the typical highways.

Peru’s Sacred Valley

From the locals in costume to the ancient ruins and the beauty of the Andes themselves, the Sacred Valley is definitely a drive to include on any world tour.

These are ten of many great drives from around the world. Try some of them, or branch out on your own. Happy trails!