September 23, 2019



I went to Italy in 2000, a great year to be in Rome.  The Sistine Chapel had just been restored; much of the sculpture in public had been given a facelift; the city was alive.  So, What made the biggest impression on me?  Besides the Sistine Chapel, that is… The Colosseum.  The movie Gladiator was also released in 2000, and the Colosseum played a key part in that film. I had seen Gladiator before the trip, and the Colosseum was whole, had seating, had a floor. I can’t find proof of historical accuracy, but still, all in all, a pretty impressive bit of architecture.

The real thing impressed me no less.   Standing in it gave me goosebumps. The structure is nearly 2000 years old, and except for piracy for building materials and damage caused by nature, what’s still standing — and it’s a lot — is a statement on Roman architectural skills.  It’s history is amazing; its uses varied. Seeing the ampitheatre; seeing the tunnels that ran under the Colosseum floor; standing where there used to be seats and imagining all it was (in my case, with the visual help taken from the movie Gladiator) makes the Colosseum a must-see site on a Rome visit.  And, at least when I visited, there was no fee for entry.

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Photo credit: dumplife
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