September 22, 2019

Dutch Heritage House – Amish food in Florida


I grew up in the northeast corner of Ohio, and Sunday drives were part and parcel of that growing up. Several times a year, we’d end up in Amish country.  Our sole purpose was to pick up fudge made with goat’s milk, a remarkable treat if you’ve never had it.  Anyway, I’ve never forgotten the fudge nor those rides.  Recently, my sister and I celebrated her birthday in Florida.  Our 92-year-old uncle, who lives in Sarasota, took us to dinner, as is the tradition when one visits Uncle Frank.

The Dutch Heritage House buffet provided one of the best home-cooked meals I’ve had away from home.   Although there is a pretty robust menu, the buffet won my attention hands down. Fresh roasted pork and broasted chicken, real mashed potatoes,  fresh vegetables, home made noodles and dressing, a salad bar, home baked bread, and a really interesting peanut butter at the end of the buffet.  If you are a fan of this nutty delight, do NOT pass on a least a little of this on your dinner plate!  I don’t know what makes it different, but it most definitely is…

If you are anywhere near Sarasota, hungry, and wanting a solid taste of home cooking, go to Dutch Heritage House. Also, if you are heading to Tampa afterwards to see the sites, you’ll definitely want to swing by and see the Lowry Park Zoo, which has been repeatedly voted the best in the country by Parents magazine.

Photo credit: stevendepolo