August 22, 2019

Photo from the Road: Tea Lady of Petra


The Middle East will always be dear to my heart, and Petra is one of my favorite attractions in the region.

On an around-the-world trip with my husband several years ago, we enjoyed several days at Petra. On one of those days, we made the journey up to the monastery, where we ran into this lady who invited us to tea. It was so relaxing to sit and enjoy the people-watching experience that is the stairway to Petraís famous monastery building. Locals and international tourists, goats, donkeys and more climb the canyon for a peek at the building and the phenomenal view from the cliff.

On a side note, Iím enamored with Bedouin culture and images in general. Any links to images youíve posted elsewhere online from the Middle East would be greatly enjoyed by yours truly. Happy trails, Trek Hound readers!

Photo Credit: Trek Hound


  1. Kenny says:

    I visited Petra this January. It was magical. We went to the candle light evening at the treasury. Fantastic!

  2. webmaster says:

    Agreed! Very magical indeed. Glad to hear you found it as enjoyable as we did. Thanks for stopping by.