September 17, 2019

Product Review: Eagle Creek’s Double-Sided Packing Cube


On a recent trip to South America, we needed something that would allow my husband and I to implement cross-packing with ease.

With airline travel being as logistically challenging as it is today (and getting more so all the time), cross-packing is a strategy my husband and I like to use to reduce the risk of either of us being stranded without access to necessary items.  It’s not fool-proof, but it does help. The item we used on this trip was the double-sided packing cube by Eagle Creek.

By strategically using thin, quick dry items as our main wardrobe elements, we were able to get one-two days of outfits each in our smaller-sized cube. We got ours from L.L. Bean, but they are also available on Amazon.

My only concern with these is that if we had been doing the long term travel / living out of one bag gig again instead of a three-week trip based mainly in one location with a couple of two-day road trips worked in (how’s that for a mouthful?), we would have had to try something like stuffing the entire thing in a compression sack, which sort of seems like overkill.

I’m not saying the cube ended up being overly bulky, mind you. In fact, it was more than reasonable size-wise for your average small suitcase on a weekend getaway or business trip. It just seems like we’d be including an extra unnecessary item by using both the cube and a compression sack. Perhaps this means the cube is better suited to short-term adventure travel, weekend getaways and business travel.

What think you, Trek Hound readers? Have any of you used the double-sided packing cube before? Do you see it as suited to a particular type of travel more than others?

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