August 20, 2019

Need cheap travel gear? Consider these contractor’s bags!


Always on the lookout for affordable travel tips, I was thrilled to find these sturdy, zippered bags normally used by plumbers and other contractors to keep their gear organized.

I first found them when designing zero waste lunch kits for my husband and I that could literally be used from backpack to briefcase. I noticed in that online product reviews that several contractors had been using them to keep fittings and such organized on tool belts and in gear bags. Made by a company called Custom Leather Craft, they apparently held up to a serious amount of abuse.

So I decided to go for it. The result? These clip-on, zippered bags are going strong with no wear and tear in the corners and zippers that are still performing well. The cool thing about these? You get three of them per pack. So after I ordered two sets to have one of each at the size we needed for the lunch kits, we had four remaining pouches (two of each of the other sizes) to use in various ways to organize our travel gear, which we did on our recent jaunt to Ecuador. The sets of three are less than ten dollars regularly, and have been known to go on sale for between five and six USD.

Some other suggested uses for these include organizing eco-friendly feminine hygiene supplies, keeping security items such as padlocks, s-hooks and door jams organized, or using them to store travel-sized pharmaceuticals all in one place.

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