September 22, 2019

The Magic Lantern – Bridgton, Maine


The old-fashioned charm of a roomy, plush home town movie theatre with hundreds of seats is the stuff of nostalgia for a lot of people.  Those theatres  often have been restored and used for different purposes or have been replaced with sterile, non-descript multiplexes that are synonymous with cinema to at least one or two generations of movie goers.

On Route 302 in Bridgton, Maine, the best of both worlds exists in the Magic Lantern theatre.  The original Magic Lantern, where Steven King’s “Carrie” premiered in 1976, was leveled in 2006, rebuilt and reopened in 2008.  It contains 3 theatres. Each theatre includes a small balcony only accessible to adults age 21 and older.  There is ample parking behind the theatre.

There is also a cinema pub on the premises, making dinner and a movie virtually seamless.  Sometimes in the same room!   Movies are always first-run, and the price of admission is unbelievable.  Adults pay $6.50. Children, seniors and matinees are $5.00.

If you find yourself in Bridgton, Maine, with time to spare, consider a movie at the Magic Lantern.  It’s an experience you’ll remember at a price you can’t forget.