August 24, 2019

Eco-Travel Hack: A New Use for Earth Friendly Dog Poop Bags


When reading Beth Whitman’s book on traveling to India, one particular tip popped out at me. For locations where the restroom’s infrastructure won’t handle toilet tissue being flushed down it, or if there isn’t a restroom at all other than the nearest privacy-providing bush, you will need to bring your own tie-up tote bag to secure your waste paper in. (And of course, you’ll need to have your own toilet tissue supply most of the time too.) Receptacles to toss your toilet paper into will often be overflowing or nonexistent. Tossing it into a bag you can tie up and tote back to your hotel for proper disposal is apparently key.

But what about those of us who are trying to support the reduced use of plastic bags? Well, in addition to regular trash bags, Perf Go Green has a product for roll out doggy doo bags as well. The come in a conveniently sized box with a dispenser slot. All of their bags break down into bio mass in anaerobic land fill environments with absolutely no toxic fume production. Love that! So if you are running into the “tote your own toilet paper” problem in India or other developing country, pick up some Perf Go Green dog poop bags. Problem solved.

Photo Credit: Perf Go Green