September 17, 2019

Sea to Summit’s Travel Clothesline

Sea to Summit Travel Clothesline

Photo Credit: Sea to Summit

Looking to pinch some pennies on the road? Doing your own laundry is one way to go.

Bonus? Youíll be able to pack super light. My favorite product to use for this is Sea to Summitís travel clothesline. Why?

First, itís hard to beat the size. Minimal square inches are used in your pack, yet a fair amount of drying space is provided.

Second, I really dig the snap-shut storage pouch. It protects the clothesline from tangling, and gives me the option of clipping the whole thing to various attachments on the inside of the pack. Extremely helpful when youíre trying to stay organized and keep track of things on the road. One more thing I enjoy about this particular travel clothesline is the fact I donít need clothespins. You can twist and turn the ropes to grip your damp laundry and swimsuits.

So thatís it. My top three reasons for loving this product. Got your own success story? Go ahead and share below.