September 17, 2019

Product Review: LL Bean Personal Organizers

 LL Bean Personal Organizers

Photo Credit: LL Bean

Call me picky, but I absolutely love these things for travel. So do my parents, my husband, and several other travelers I know. Why?

Well, for starters they take a licking and keep on ticking. Additionally, they are constantly redesigning the pockets and zippered sections to more specifically match the storage needs of today’s traveler.

Multiple sizes are available, from the small size usually  reserved for weekend singles’ retreats, to medium, large and the extra roomy family size for full sized bottles. Bonus? They’re available in a reasonable range of fun colors.

During our post retirement world trip, my husband and I were able to condense down to the small size for both of us. Granted, this took some serious downsizing and a strong commitment to carrying no more than absolutely necessary, but it was accomplished. Most people go with the medium, however.

Whatever size you need, I can honestly recommend this product with an official two-thumbs up.