May 25, 2018

Eating on the Road? Hot Dog Rolls to the Rescue

hot dog rolls

Flickr Photo Credit: J.S. Lander

Stuck eating in the car and reading the road map? Taking turns getting nourishment on a multi day road trip? This tip’s for you.

The wife of an author constantly on the road for book promotion turned me on to this little trick. When needing sandwich ideas that were packable for road trips, she came up with hot dog rolls. Why? The bottom side is closed, preventing the usual “spilling of the filling” phenomenon. Bonus? The sides are also attached and vertical, further aiding road warriors in the quest for sandwich stability.

The woman swore by this when it came to having to hurry down the highway to the next book event, or heading on a road trip to the next guest lecturer engagement. In fact, she swore she’d used nothing else for road trip sandwich packing in years. Some ideas for simple affordable fillings?

  • Tuna with mayo, celery and horseradish.

  • Chicken salad filling with a bit of chipotle mixed in.

  • Peanut butter and berry preserves.

  • Ground ham with madras curry powder, chopped apples and mayo.

This is also a good idea for packing take along lunches you’ll want to enjoy on a hike or European city walking tour. So whip up the tuna salad and curried ham spread. Eating sandwiches on the road just got easier!