August 23, 2019

Movie Review: Into the Wild

into the wild

Photo Credit: Amazon.Com

We recently enjoyed this Sean Penn flick over carbonara and great bottle of wine here at home. Hard core indie travelers will appreciate just how far the lead character went to check out of society and dance to his own drum.

Incorporating touches of the spiritual, this film definitely touches on how drastic we sometimes have to get in order to disengage from the chaotic mundane and hear our own inner rhythm. This guy saw his old life as somehow less than authentic and apparently more than a little wasteful. Cutting all ties and going on a multi-year journey ending with complete immersion in the Alaskan wilderness, he was able to finally release his emotional burden and learn additional life lessons before it was too late. A sad but powerful ending that left us believing had this young man lived, he would likely be a guru on the independent travel circuit. Worth watching.