September 22, 2019

Hotel Review: The Lucerne Inn in Dedham, Maine


Photo Credit: Lucerne Inn

Recently, we were having difficulty finding a room in the city of Bangor due to a huge international folk festival they have every year.

We really needed to get down there and get some bulk shopping done for the winter ahead and also to pick up some business and educational equipment, and it had to be on a specific weekend. A friend recommended a hotel she and her husband love to visit that is only 20-30 minutes outside of Bangor. The place? The Lucerne Inn.

It was just exactly what we needed. Relaxing, full of atmosphere and quiet. The rooms come with a whirlpool tub, a gas fireplace and almost all have a phenomenal view of the lake. We felt like we were back in Europe. They also have a dining menu which was excellent, and a more than passable wine selection. The Lucerne is within easy access to various sights and activities and is filled with old world, well-loved charm. Personal verdict? Worth checking out.