August 23, 2019

Book Review: World Stompers – A Global Travel Manifesto

world stompers global manifesto

Photo Credit: CCCPublishing.Com

Written by a gentleman by the name of Brad Olsen, this book is definitely written from the younger person’s perspective.

That being said, it’s a fun piece published in an edgy style with all sorts of tips and comments on the various aspects of travel. One thing we noted was his assumption that the most opportune time to go on a world stomp would be the time between college and home/family/career. Since we have done the world travel thing both before and after, and know of many other people who are doing this later in life as well, we are inclined to disagree with Brad on this issue. However, kudos to anyone who puts their nose to the grindstone and maintains the necessary level of self discipline to actually finish and produce a travel book, and this one would be of interest to anyone in the twenty-something crowd who is looking for overall advice on starting to incorporate more stomping into their life. Good job.