May 26, 2018

Travel Tip: A New Use for the Tried and True Page Protector


Flickr Photo Credit: PowerBookTrance

While I’ve previously come up with tons of ways to use these things in the classroom, my husband has an usual travel adaptation. Want to know what it is?

David loves to use these things to hold maps. Why? Because if it starts raining, an unprotected map will do you about as much good as . . . well, not much good at all, really. You can use this idea on a family day hike, on the road in Indonesia with a photocopied map page from your Lonely Planet, or in general if you like to mark on your map in the car, but will be taking a different route next time and don’t want the previous notes to distract you. (Grease pencils and water based overhead markers are great for this.) Happy trails!


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