August 22, 2019

Nomadic Housing: Yurt Slideshows


Flickr Photo Credit: TSC Traveler

Here’s another carry over article from our family living and frugality blog.

After compiling more resources than I can count from the internet and only being able to access the slideshow from our hard drive or a disk on our dvd player at home, I finally begged David to compile them into slideshows that met the size requirements for postings.

We did not take these photos ourselves. The links where I found all the photos are in the original “yurt research compilation” posting here on the family blog, for those of you who wish to cross reference for the original source.

These slideshows are simply to show in a more relaxing format the options you have for using the yurt as an alternative living situation. They are extremely cost effective, and yet provide you with numerous interior style options.  Check out all three to see various construction stages, uses and interior design images.

Click here to see the first video yurt slideshow . . . here for the second . . . and if you’re still interested – here’s the third! Or, when you go to, check out the postings by astroguyz (David). You’ll see the slideshows plus some of his astronomy video work.