September 17, 2019

Nomadic Housing: A Compilation of Yurt Research


Flickr Photo Credit: Diamond Mountain

On our family living and frugality blog, we have a collection of posts about nontraditional housing as a way to meet your financial goals. One of the topic areas is yurts, and gets a great deal of traffic. It occurred to me this would also be an appropriate place to include the information, as the structures lend themselves quite well to a nomadic lifestyle. I’ve pasted the original article below.

Several of you have shown interest in this topic, and we’ve compiled a fair amount of information. Below, I’ve pasted in our general word document. We also have a huge collection of interior and construction images, as well as images from various manufacturers that we’ve compiled for our personal use. It would take forever to cut and paste them all in here, so David is working on a way to place them in a slide show that we can post on You Tube and link to from here. This will save having to burn and mail a disk for those of you have asked. We’ll keep you posted on when that’s finished. For now, enjoy the compiled information below.

Yurt Books:

The Complete Yurt Handbook, by Paul King

Circle Houses: Yurts, Tipis and Benders, by David Pearson

Tipis and Yurts: Authentic Designs for Circular Shelters, by Blue Evening Star

Build a Yurt, by Len Charney

The Yurt: Seventeen Foot Diameter, by Wm. S. Coperthwaite

Mongolian Cloud Houses, by Dan Kuehn

The Portable Yurt, by Chuck Cox

Igloos, Yurts, and Totem Poles, by F. Boer

Another Kind of Space, by Alan Dearling with Graham Meltzer

Building a Low Impact Roundhouse, by Tony Wrench

Yurt DVD’s:


Yurt CD’s:

Meeting in the Aobao Yurt

Yurt Links: Another yurt company. Has plans for a 2 x 4 yurt. Article on a guy from
Maine who has been building them since the late sixties at Harvard. He has a plan you can purchase for download for $3 which goes to the development of an Eskimo museum that he is putting together. Another article on yurts complete with diagram and images. article on Bill Coperthwaite, a coastal
Maine resident famous for his devotion to yurt design. A hard sided yurt manufacturer with photo slide show and gallery. Includes images of yurt interiors for decorating and design ideas. Web site for “Yomes”, part yurt / part dome structures. Prices, designs, uses, etc. Web site for “Pacific Yurts”. Their products, information, image gallery, etc. Another yurt manufacturer. The Great American Yurt Company. Wholesale prices***** Links and yurt info on all aspects of yurts and yurt living. A building school with a course focusing on yurt design. The Colorado Yurt Company. book titles and other yurt references. interior decorating products with an Asian nomadic flair. Cool!!! Yurt article with links. tent decor ideas, many useable for yurts. Scroll down to the article on using yurts in a collective group as semi-private, reservable meeting spaces / rooms. Book titles for yurts. Themed yurt / tent decor.,1797,HGTV_3659_1368746,00.htmlArticle on an HGTV episode on yurts. on traditional Kazak yurts. Yurt article. Themed tent décor. Tent rental. Use decorating ideas for yurts. tentlike structures with century specific ideas for the medieval design.,2041,DIY_14069_2278259,00.html Tent decorating article. Painting your tent info. Bedouin tent decoration panel with tassels. room and tent decor ideas. More commercially / event oriented. Information on custom tent-like structure lighting. Round home interior design. Circular home builder. Round structure company. Another yurt web site. Products, set up information, etc. Do it yourself yurt construction article. Article on yurt construction. Make a yurt. Craft activity for the classroom. Article on yurt living and purchasing. Another yurt web site with images and information, products, etc. A yurt manufacturing company. images of yurt décor. yurt design guy. Check out the photo for the multi-level Asian looking structural yurt. Another yurt company. Alternative housing article on yurts. yurt article. Alternative living article on yurts. Detailed article on building and living in yurts. Article and yurt resource list. Interesting design article with idea to hook several yurts together with annexes and circle them around for a common courtyard effect. Yurt and gertee article. Article with photos on assembling your yurt. Maker of yurt classrooms. They use yurts for meeting rooms, etc. These people have integrated a yurt into their program as well. Portable tent-like classrooms. Neat. guys do classroom, and all sorts of event tents / yurts / tipis / geodesic domes. They also have a link for second hand items of this nature. Plans for single and two story yurts. Alternative building resources An east coast yurt company. Straw building . . . have seen references during research for straw bale yurts .. . Yurt info. Fiberglass panel yurts. Allows for greater diameter (up to 51 feet). Medieval yurt manufacturers. Article about living in a yurt. Another yurt article. Another article on yurt living. student program. They use yurts for living tructures. Another yurt living article. Yurt pics. Article on yurts and nomadic structure living. These people are living in a yurt and using their land as a space for research grants on sustainable organic agriculture. One woman’s yurt journey, building progress, etc. LED lighting solutions . . . have been used by such orgs as the Peace Corps. More LED lighting info. Article on yurt construction. Yurt manufacturers. Info. Alternative living spaces article. Yurt images. Yurt gallery of images, including a gallery of interiors, as well as completed yurts by the company. Yurt art in Kazakh life. A yurt herb farm. Download free 3-D yurt models. person’s homepage on building a ger / yurt/ Scroll down to links of images of period yurts/ Yurt images . . . yurt with covered porch,etc. These folks are selling time shares for the yurt experience . . Green building information. A photo essay from a couple who put up a yurt on their property. a yurt getaway / studio with accompanying article. Images of a yurt resort for sale in Portugal. Interior yurt images Yurt interior and outside deck photos. Yurt village in North Carolina. Interior yurt shot. Interior yurt imagery with personal spa on deck. green yurt village. Great yurt wall idea. Yurt vacation destination. Yurt for a couple who used the radiant floor heating concept popular in certain Asian countries.
Belize coastal yurt lodge. More exterior and interior yurt design images and ideas.
New Mexico yurt builder who bought a $250 plot of land via the government tax auction program. An herb farm and yurt spa destination in Indiana. Some different ideas for development with these structures. yurt spa and overnight yurting on the Sea of
Cortez. interior photos of a yurt at a camping site overlooking the Bay of Fundy on Grand Manan, N.B. Another yurt spa / meditation room rental. Buy your own mechanism to create a Murphy-type wall bed. The full wall systems are sometimes thousands of dollars. This is just a few hundred. Some very unique hidden wall beds for the office and living area. A bit pricey, but one could get some design ideas here. A yurt spa. Only used a 16 footer. Island yurt rental – goes along with the spa. Solid structure yurt with sod roof and photovoltaic cells. Scroll down the page a bit for some information and an image regarding a solar powered yurt. collection of interior yurt décor images from a home show in London. Really classy. A yurt retreat – healing center. Couple of online discussion forums for yurt accessories and the sale of used yurts. When I first started researching this, there was no forum for listing and searching for used yurts. This is great news, as far as I’m concerned.
Nice looking yurt rental. Very similar looking property to our own lake parcel. A yurt spa with a fab outdoor shower. Images on the page. A rental yurt in Hawaii. This page has a link so you can look at images of the yurt’s interior decoration. Yurt bed and breakfast in Mexico. Some neat interiors. Several of their yurts have private bathrooms. Private dining yurt on the top of a mountain.
Woodsy yurt rental.
Scroll down through the Moscow restaurant reviews till you reach the one for the tea house in a yurt. Really great interior and a fab idea. Scroll down to the heating and utilities question section and you’ll see the first image I’ve found for a streamlined looking air conditioning option. They offer and extra door option that you install without hinges (it has a
window on the top) and the a.c. unit is installed underneath. Looks very smooth and professional.
A yurt retreat and garden area. There is a three page gallery here, but it takes a bit to load. A photo diary of interior and exterior design work on a personal home yurt.
Photo collection from a yurt dweller. with information and diagrams for various types of alternative living structures, including yurts, tipis and domes. A yurt site with interior images and other categories of information.
Interior contstruction images from a smaller, hide-sided yurt. An interior pic and location shot for a mountain yurt. This deck looks rather grand.
Includes pictures of interior and exterior images of the contruction phases of a multiple yurt connected structure. Quite ambitious. An online yurt diary from a woman in Switzerland.
Scottish storytelling yurt. This is a neat project that will interest story tellers, nomads and felt makers alike. These guys appear to rent out their portable yurts and specialize in creating interior design options for yurts. Neat concept. A luxury yurt camping option in the south of France. Alternative laundry options for your start up yurt or other remote living situation. This place sells products useful for those living off the grid, including washboards.


  1. laradunston says:

    You guys are amazing! This is very interesting. I’ve just been posting on the whole cool camping/yurt/gypsy caravan phenomenon on my blog cool travel guide… I’ve gone onto another tangent at the moment (luxury travel and whether it’s worth it) which seems to be leading me to think more about how people can spoil themselves cheaply… but I’ve also been thinking about living off the grid… I’m going to have to wend my thinking in that direction and come back to you fab list for research material! I’ll definitely mention this blog when I do and head people over here.

  2. webmaster says:

    Lara, your blog and the lifestyle you and your partner are trying out seems pretty amazing as well.

    I’d love to hear more about the logistics of carrying around all the gear you need, as we would like to explore more as far as photography and travel videos / writing are concerned.

    I notice you guys are from Dubai? We love the Middle East! We both lived there separately before we were married, and made sure to include the region on our around the world boondoggle. Does Jordan rock, or what?


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