June 20, 2018

Tip for the Road: The Traveling Art Tube

art tube

Photo Credit: Amazon.Com

Want to come home with some fabulous souvenirs and some cash in your pocket? One thing we’ve found to be unique and affordable the world ’round is street art. If you select things that are created on paper (or create your own), you’ve also eliminated a ton of extra weight and aggravation with lugging. How do you get these things home in one piece?

We suggest the traveler’s equivalent of a poster tube.

While the regular cardboard version would never stand up to inclement weather, it’s also very aggravating to have to hang on to. We picked up two different sizes of sealable, hard plastic art tubes with carrying straps that could be hooked onto our backpacks. We’ve also seen the metal versions as well. But these were much less expensive. They were both under 5 USD a piece at an office supply store in Lima, Peru. Picking them up in the United States might be a bit more expensive. However, if you are trying to pack light and control the cash flow on your trip, we highly recommend including at least one of these on your packing list.